Icon Noble Riesling 2016 (375 ml)


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A rich, concentrated dessert wine with lovely flavours of honey, apricot, peach and a lift of lime zest on the finish. A luscious wine supported by a perfect balance of fruity acidity that is energised and dances all the way across the palate.

Enjoy as an aperitif or matched with freshly shucked oysters, savoury pâté, aged cheddar and blue veined cheeses, and textural, (fruit-based) desserts.

About Noble

It is no wonder that Noble Riesling has always been regarded as the nectar of the gods as these wines are rare and only come along a few times per decade when the conditions are absolutely perfect and luck is on our side.  

Winemaker John Belsham personally oversaw the labor intensive pick as only the most concentrated berries were picked over a four week period in May 2016.  When the juice slowly emerges from the skins, it yields a beautifully concentrated juice we lovingly refer to as liquid gold.

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