'Southern Stars' in a Wood Box

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A Power Trio of wines that will remembered well after the last bottle is savoured and enjoyed.  A trio of Foxes Island Icon Le Renard Pinot Noir, Estate Chardonnay and Estate Pinot Noir presented in a wood gift box. 

We craft our wines as gently as possible and as nature intended; with science, innovation and time, we will continue to do so. 

The best vines are hand-tended and the ripe fruit picked by hand to ensure the very best care and only the pure, free-run juice is selected for the Estate wines.  Great believers in terroir and creating wines that speak of the land, all three wines were made by indigenous ferment, (by yeast and bacteria that live in the vineyard) whilst John minimises intervention and waves his wand to produce a set of standout wines.  

Includes one bottle each: Le Renard Pinot Noir 2011, Estate Chardonnay 2016, Estate Pinot Noir 2013.

The wood box is made in NZ of sustainably farmed, New Zealand timber. 

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