La Lapine Sauvignon Blanc in a Wood Box

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One bottle La Lapine Sauvignon Blanc
The bottle is signed by the winemaker, John Belsham
The wood box is made of sustainably farmed, NZ timber.

Only in exceptional vintages are Icon wines declared at Foxes Island and La Lapine took nearly 18 years before winemaker, John Belsham was satisfied.

All the grapes are hand-tended and hand harvested when perfectly ripe.  The beautifully pure free run juice is fermented by indigenous yeast in a large French oak cuve.  John breaks all the rules when he makes La Lapine, however the result is always an incredibly special wine that speaks of the special land from which it comes. 

Laden with international gold medals and considered the best Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand by many, we are grateful for the recognition and hope you will enjoy her too.

One bottle of the Foxes Island Icon La Lapine Sauvignon Blanc 2013 presented in a wood box.

Each bottle is signed by the winemaker, John Belsham.

The wood box is constructed of sustainably farmed, New Zealand timber. 


From one of the most ancient vines in the world, Sauvignon Blanc has a rich history in winemaking. The mother to Cabernet Sauvignon, the name Sauvignon comes from the French word, 'sauvage', meaning wild. 

Although the parentage is not totally known, Sauvignon Blanc's origins are in western France, both the Loire Valley (Sancerre) and in Bordeaux, (Bordeaux Blanc).

Here in New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc has found it's home and expresses itself in a way that is not replicated in other parts of the world; making it truly unique and reflective of the climate and soil in which it grows. 

There are a range of styles of Sauvignon, from very young, fruity expressions to those that have more refinement, character and ability to age, like those from Foxes Island. Winemaker John Belsham's winemaking training commenced in Bordeaux, over 40 years ago and the philosophy of making sophisticated, elegant wines that reflect the terroir are rooted in every bottle we make.

Foxes Island La Lapine and Zalto Bordeaux wine glass Foxes Island Estate Pinot Noir

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