Costa Nova Portugal - Ceramic Cup, 210ml


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2 units
Made in Portugal of fine ceramic
Multi-colour. Please note preferred colour at checkout.
Height 75mm, Volume 210ml
Oven, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

Costa Nova was born in a small Portuguese fishing village of the same, name near the Atlantic Ocean. 

The brand produces innovative and sustainable stoneware, made from the best natural resources in Portugal. Embracing the artisanal craft and European heritage, each piece is handmade bringing to the table a unique and elegant style that perfectly suits modern life; and with care, will last for generations.  

Using the best natural resources in Portugal, Costa Nova products are made in a single firing system heated up to 1180ºC (2160ºF) which creates a unique ceramic body with a special bonding between the clay and the glazed surface. This original formula explains why Costa Nova stoneware is so durable and resistant to both thermal and mechanical shocks.

Colour will be selected at random.  However, if you have a colour preference, please note it at checkout.

Colour choices: grey, white, soft pink, red, yellow, blue denim, aqua, black, turquoise, and green 

Height: 75 mm

Volume: 210 ml

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