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Two (2) bottles each of Le Renard, Artist Series and Estate Pinot Noirs
Wall St. Journal - Top 10 Pinot Noirs (Estate)
Indigenous Fermentation, Vegan Friendly
A portion of this sale will be donated to the Milford Foundation to help NZ communities rebuild and become more resilient through education and environmental programs.

A Trio of Pinot, the Great Estates 

Winemaker John Belsham founded Foxes Island Wines to produce the very finest, ageable Pinot Noirs red wines in New Zealand.  The vines grow on a series of elevated terraces composed of old glacial soils and overlook the Awatere River, which is fed from the Southern Alps.  

Crafted with the utmost care and attention, the vines are gently tended and the grapes are hand-picked. With a gentle yet experienced hand, all the wines are made by indigenous fermentation by the natural yeasts in the vineyard and matured in small French oak wine barrels.  Refining his winemaking skills over 40 years, winemaker John Belsham has been instrumental in developing the NZ wine industry and producing some of the most elegant and ageable red wines in New Zealand.  

The mixed six-pack carton includes two (2) bottles each: Le Renard 2012, Artist Series 2014, and the Estate 2013 Pinot Noirs.

Crafted with conscience, all the Pinot Noirs are sustainably produced, with minimal intervention, and are unfined, naturally vegan friendly.

Foxes Island Vegan Wines



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