Zalto Gravitas Omega


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Like no other, the Zalto Gravitas Omega wine glass stem is the penultimate wine experience.

With Gravitas meaning 'serious' and Omega (the 24th letter in the Greek alphabet) referring to angular frequency, the glass rests horizontally on its stem thus giving the Burgundy shaped bowl alternate angles to heighten the wine experience like none other.

And not to worry, there is a flat edge at the base of the bowl to sit the glass on the table without rolling.  

Formed in accordance to the Earth's tilt angles, each Zalto stem is mouth-blown by master glassblowers in Austria.

Height: 230 mm  l  Capacity: 960 ml  l  Made in Austria  l  Mouth-blown, lead-free glass  i  Dishwasher safe

Zalto Denk'Art Wine Glass Collection 

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