Zalto Carafe No. 75 (820ml)


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Stunning blend of art and architecture to form a most stunning carafe.
A beautiful serving carafe for your favorite beverage.
Vol. 820 ml
Hand-Blown, Austrian Crystal
Dishwasher Safe and Lead Free

A beautiful carafe is essential to every wine and drink enthusiast. A classic, the Zalto Carafe No. 75 is beautifully proportioned and versatile in its use. Easy to serve from, use for your favourite beverages: from water and juice to wine and mixed drinks.  

The carafe moves beautifully from the refrigerator to the table. 

Every Zalto piece is dishwasher safe.  If you choose to hand wash, wash in water temperatures less than 50 degrees C and allow to dry upside down on a soft towel or on a decanter dryer. 

Mouth-blown. Made in Austria of lead free crystal.

Zalto Traditional Glassmaking Handtools Zalto Glass Blowing Free Form

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