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Zalto Denk'Art Stemware

Discover the finest mouth-blown crystal stems considered the world's finest glass in celebration of wine and drink.

Zalto Denk'Art Austrian Crystal Glass Stemware All the Right AnglesZalto Bordeaux Photo Thomas Iverson

"Zaltos feel so delicate that you feel (a) at one with the wine and (b) sure that they are extremely fragile. 
But in fact they are designed, amazingly, expressly to be washed, and most importantly dried, in a regular 
dishwasher. We have had ours for several years now and our only breakages have been entirely our own fault." 
-Jancis Robinson (26 Jan 2015)

Zalto Traditional Glassmaking Handtools Austrian CrystalZalto Austrian Crystal Glassblowing Free FormZalto Austrian Crystal Pulled Stem

Zalto is like no other wine glass, with my favorite being the Burgundy stem.  
The elegant bowl shape at the base with the dramatic tapering of the sides acutely focuses the wine’s bouquet
and shows off any subtlety and charm in Pinot Nor and Chardonnay; something other glassware simply cannot do. 
Zalto is a must for anyone who appreciates fine wine."
- Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier